LiveWatersports L4 Expedition & L2 Fish Accessories

Outboard Bracket

Fully modular for ease of shipping and removing if needed.  Kit comes with all necessary parts, backing plates and stainless steel hardware.  Standard colors are black or white and we can  to any custom color. 

Adjustable Outboard Heigth

3 piece design allows easy up and down transom adjustability to fit your outboard of choice in the 2.5 HP range with a short shaft.  Aluminum transom is sandwiched between two pieces of Starboard  for greater grip.

Swept back Rod Holders

Rod holders are welded to the frame before powder coating and are swept back so there is no outboard interference. 

Installation Ease

Once engine mount's desired location to accomadate for different brand 2.5 HP short shaft outboards, just two Access holes need to be made so that installer can get to the backing plates. We use kayak 6" plates with bags to hold small parts when fishing.

Safety Equipment

Starboard backing on the transom allow for a great place to screw in fire extinguisher mounts so that you can follow your states boating laws.

More to come.....

We will be launching the seat/poling platform later this week to go with the engine mount that will also hold a 1 gallon Rotopax fuel tank underneath.  Stay tuned...….