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Lithium Pros, 36v Lithium battery, DC charger, Panga, Minn Kota Riptide, Power Pole blade

36V In One Cell

You read it correctly.  One 23 pound group 31 size cell that will replace all 3 of your 12v batteries.  Loose 300+ pounds of weight and get all day trolling with the included DC charger. 40 min run on your engine will top off the battery so you charge as you move from spot to spot.  

Lithium Pros 36v with DC charger

24V Power

Juat like our 36v system, we have you covered on 24v systems as well.  Weight savings are reduced as you are replacing two batteries and a charger, but the rest of the advantages are shared with the 36v system.

Lithium Pros 3v Ltrolling motor battery, SAVIOR battery tray

12v Power To Cover All Of Your Needs

If you are running big stereo, triple or quad large screens, or combinations of both we have the power solution to get you on the water and back home with capacity to spare. 40,60,80 and 110 Ah capacity lithium batteryare available. Don't forget lithium batteries charge 5 times faster than AGM or lead acid so you can be on the water fully powered quick , and did we say light? the  110 ah cell at 31 pounds can replace two group 31 AGM's.  That is a staggering 150 pound weight savings. 

Boat batteries for your specific needs.

With over 60 systems installed, let us simplify your system to fit your needs.  We can tailor a package to fit your needs and boat's set up.  We can create a system that charges your house, cranking and trolling motor batteries all with a single bank marine AC plug in charger, or create systems that can charge each bank and trolling motor battery independently.  We fully understand the lithium system and know how to combine different battery technology like AGM for your 12v and Lithium for your trolling motor.  For big audio boats, we can give you power all day long while saving lots of weight. 

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Lithium Advantages



Lithium Pros’ batteries use lithium, which is lighter than lead-acid and packs more power. Our batteries deliver higher power during cranking, and hold a higher voltage during discharge than a comparably sized lead acid battery. That means a hotter ignition, faster starts, and more watts for your accessories.



Because the lithium powering Lithium Pros’ batteries produce more pound-per-pound power than lead-acid, less materials are needed. The result is a lighter battery. In fact, some models are so light they float, making them ideal for racing and marine activities.



Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries accept charge current up to 5x faster than lead-acid batteries, and in many cases Lithium Pros’ batteries recharge in less than an hour.



Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries provide over 5x the cycle life at 80% DOD (depth of discharge) compared to standard lead-acid batteries, and easily handles 2,000 cycles.



Lithium Pros’ batteries are 96% efficient at converting input energy into stored energy versus approximately 75% for lead acid.



Lithium Pros’ lithium-ion batteries do not contain toxic materials (lead/acid), or emit harmful gases like standard lead-acid batteries. Also, our batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is the safest form of lithium chemistry.